About Us


I'm Carissa - owner and baker of Flour & Frost, wife to an absolute dreamboat and mummy to three perfect treasures. 

I first began making cakes in 2015 as a creative outlet for friends and family. After sharing a few pictures on social media I was pretty overwhelmed when I started getting enquiries from friends, and then friends of friends asking if I could do cakes for their children's birthday parties, engagements and weddings. I had started to really enjoy the whole world of baking so I thought... "why not?" 
The more cakes I agreed to make, the more I wanted to be in the kitchen, building my supplies and skills. I was more than happy to bake throughout the day in between wrangling the kids to and from various activities, and then working on my favourite part - the decorating, late into the night. In 2017 I decided to turn this new found hobby into a proper business and within one week I had researched all there was to know and set it up officially. A few lessons in Instagram later, and the business was generating lot's of interest. I am now so excited to share that I have made this new found hobby of mine into a full time business which I run from home. 
The smiles on peoples faces when they collect their orders makes me so happy and drives me to do better. I am constantly dreaming up new ideas and ways to brighten someone's day. I hope you enjoy the Flour & Frost website featuring everything on offer to treat your (or a lucky friends) taste buds. If you have a specific enquiry... hit that contact us button and i will get back to you ASAP.